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Fired for Speaking out Against an Offensive Racial Slur: Honey Brown Hope Foundation’s Statement of Support

The Honey Brown Hope Foundation is standing with Sheldon Watts, who was terminated from PinnacleART after speaking out against workplace bias and discriminatory practices.

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Alerting the Community about Senate Bill 2432

Effective September 1, 2019, Texas Legislatures’ new law strengthened the school-to-prison pipeline cycle. Senate Bill 2432, allows administrators to refer students to alternative disciplinary education programs if an employee perceives harassment from a student. According to the Texas Penal Code 42.07, harassment includes intent to harass, annoy, alarm, abuse, torment, or embarrass a person by phone, electronic communications and/or online posts.
To warn the community about how this dangerous legislation will fuel the school-to-prison pipeline, Founder Tammie Lang Campbell penned an editorial that was featured in: Houston ChronicleForward TimesFort Bend Independent and Houston Style Magazine.

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Honey Brown Hope Foundation Appeals for Darius Elam's Exoneration 

There is no physical evidence linking Darius Duran Elam to crime, and he has been incarcerated for over 38 years! He deserves a timely decision and freedom! We are so grateful for everyone who standing with us. Please keep the movement moving by learning more and sharing this far and wide!


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COVID-19 a Double Disaster for Attorneys Hit with a $250,000 Judgment for Challenging Fort Bend ISD’s Illegal Truancy Court


It’s unjust for FBISD to recoup attorneys’ fees when they were responsible for the illegal truancy court and benefitted from parents paying fines. It’s unjust for parents not to be able to recoup attorney and court fees from FBISD and its illegal truancy court. 

We are encouraging Fort Bend ISD residents to use their voices to question and hold FBISD accountable.

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Student Excessively Punished by Fort Bend ISD Graduates with Honors


Last year, the Honey Brown Hope Foundation honored Fort Bend ISD Thurgood Marshall senior with the "Peacekeeper Award" for her courage and activism.

She was suspended from Thurgood Marshall High School after trying to verbally deescalate a fight between fellow students. Founder Tammie Lang Campbell and Attorney Christine Beeler of Juvenile and Children's Advocacy Project stepped in to address that the suspension was rooted in FBISD's pattern of unjustly penalizing Black students.

As a result of Campbell's and Beeler's advocacy, FBISD issued a formal apology and removed the three-day suspension from her record.

Fast forward to now, and she has graduated Magna Cum Laude!

Civil Rights Causes

There is no hope without justice. We put the ACT in ACTivism by advocating from the schoolhouse to the courthouse and in the church and media to promote racial harmony; address the school-to-prison pipeline; and expose systematic injustices.

Current Advocacy and Outcomes