Climate Reality Training Reflections and Gratitude

    From: Tammie Lang Campbell Founder and Executive Director of the Honey Brown Hope Foundation

    The Honey Brown Hope Foundation was recently honored and humbled to join Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore along with 400 climate activists from across the US Gulf Coast at “Power Up: A Climate Reality Training on Advocacy in Action.” This three-day, climate activism training in Houston included a “Toxic Tour” of Union Pacific railroad tracks in Fifth Ward and other areas affected by environmental racism.

    Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore said, “They held the conference in Houston in part because there are a number of strong grassroots organizations across the Gulf region. He also added that the climate activists in Houston are “extraordinary.”

    About “Power Up: A Climate Reality Training on Advocacy in Action

    The climate activism training was hosted by The Climate Reality Project, a nonprofit founded and chaired by Former Vice President Al Gore. Phyllis Cuttino leads the nonprofit as President, and CEO. Dr. Robert Bullard, Father of Environmental Justice and director of the Bullard Center for Environmental and Climate Justice at Texas Southern University, serves as a Climate Reality Board Member.

    The in-person training modeled ways to practice environmental sustainability– from food diversion, 100% vegetarian/vegan food options, Forest Stewardship Council certified printing, LEED certified facility and more.

    Overall, attendees walked away from the training empowered with knowledge about full scope of the climate crisis in the gulf coast region; armed with advocacy tools and actions to make a difference in the community; and connected with a network of climate advocates!

    Honey Brown Hope Foundation’s Training Reflections

    During the training, former VP Al Gore shared how our communities are gaslighted with an abundance of misinformation about the climate crisis.

    For over 10 years through the “We Love America, Healthy, Clean and Green” calendar and related programming, the Honey Brown Hope Foundation has acted by creating award-winning content, programming, and educational resources to create young "Healthy, Clean and Green" change agents who influence their peers, families, and communities. Our green program’s mission is to increase public awareness and understanding of environmental issues, expose global environmental problems, and promote solutions for future generations.

    The advocacy actions outlined during the training shed light on how we can leverage our environmental awareness and stewardship work to more effectively combat misinformation about the climate crisis.

    The environmental training was energizing and resonated because it not only convened environmental experts and policy shapers to share information, but it also provided diverse frontline environmental advocates an opportunity to connect about solutions to some of the most challenging environmental issues we face today.

    At the training Tammie Lang Campbell, Founder and Executive Director of Honey Brown Hope Foundation thanked God for giving Former Vice President Gore the vision to address the urgent climate crisis and provision to create The Climate Reality Project that is making our world a more environmentally conscious and healthier place for all.

    “At the Honey Brown Hope Foundation we feel so blessed and honored to connect with Former Vice President Gore, The Climate Reality Project and liked-minded environmental advocates who are intentional about doing God’s work of taking care of Earth and all its inhabitants,” stated Campbell.

    Post training, Campbell has a renewed commitment to create content and programming that emphasizes every polluter must take responsibility to reduce his/her carbon impact not only for their health, but for Earth’s survival and all its inhabitants.

    “To breathe easier, we must all work individually and collectively to prevent the suffocation of Earth’s inhabitants and recognize that when one person/neighbor can’t breathe it affects us all,” added Campbell. “When one person/neighbor doesn’t have clean water to drink it impacts us all. When the earth is contaminated with chemicals, hazardous materials, and plastics, these pollutants suffocate us all and result in global natural disasters; mental and physical health issues; food shortages and disruptions; and waterborne and respiratory related diseases.”



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