The Honey Brown Hope Foundation is a 501 ©3 non-profit organization that serves youth and their families. Our causes are as sweet as honey because we promote hope. Hope is what we offer and hope is what we nurture in young people.

We keep hope alive through our diversity appreciation, environmental awareness, drama, character building, writing, and parenting programs.

I established the Honey Brown Hope Foundation in 1991. As a mother, children’s author/playwright and community activist, I was encouraged to provide our youth with opportunities to seek their calling and practice their God-given talents.

We seek to accomplish our mission by offering our programs on wheels, door-to-door to educational institutions and other organizations.

We accomplish our mission by collaborating with schools, universities, businesses, and city/governmental organizations.   

I’m pleased to share that we made national and world news when we buried the n-word on CNN in 2007, supported our children viewing President Obama’s Back-to-School Message in 2009 (Canada News Raw Story) and objected to Fort Bend Independent School District’s insensitive Blonde, Beautiful and Intelligent classroom assignment in 1997 (ABC World News and Crisis Magazine).

We thank God in His precious Son’s name, Jesus Christ, for allowing us to plant a seed of hope in our young people.


* Diversity Appreciation
* Environmental stewardship
* Cultural literacy
* Multicultural literature
* Civil rights


To cultivate young leaders, promote active citizenship and provide quality programs and literature that will help young people reach their full potential.


Without writing there would be no reading.