Diversity Appreciation &

Environmental Awareness

In the interest of humanity and as a commitment to our planet’s health, the Foundation's founder/executive director created the “We Love America Healthy, Clean and Green” calendar in conjunction with the Honey Brown Hope Foundation. This educational calendar provides young people with an opportunity to express their creativity and allows viewers to see the beauty of our planet through the eyes of our youth.

This environmental/diversity initiative is to encourage people to be good caretakers of our planet and connect with the ecological kinship between humankind and earth.  

In 2011, Houston Mayor Annise Parker gave the initiative an honorable mention at her 27th Annual Proud Partners luncheon (click to view program).

Theatrical Productions

20 Year Anti N-Word Campaign

Since 1991, the Honey Brown Hope Foundation's founder/executive director, Tammie Lang Campbell, has been on a mission to eradicate the n-word.

View the timeline of initiatives below.

2013: Partnership with Missouri City
- Foundation partnered with Missouri City Mayor to donate revised Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn without the n-word to Fort Bend Library System
- Mayor Honored Foundation's Founder and Executive Director for Anti-N-Word Campaign
- (click blue links to view coverage - KRIV Local Fox 26, Fort Bend News and Houston Style Magazine)

2013: To redefine the n-word and promote racial healing, released a video (click to view) titled, “The Real Meaning of N-I-G-G-E-R," during a Black History event, “N-word Past vs. N-word Present,” that was covered by the local NBC affiliate; the entire event is posted on the outlet’s website (click to view part 1) (click to view part 2) (click to view part 3) (click to view part 4)

2012: Donation of Revised "Huckleberry Finn" Novel Without the N-word (click to view)

2011: Hawaii and Texas Lawmakers Honor Honey Brown Hope Foundation's Founder/Executive Director for N-Word Initiative (click to view)

2011: Press Conference: Activist Who Buried the N-Word on CNN in '07 Urges Support for Revised "Huckleberry Finn" (click to view)

2011: Pledge to Buy First 100 Copies of Revised "Huckleberry Finn" Novel Without the N-word (click to view)

2011: “Can We Ever Bury the N-word” Editorial (click to view)

2010: Houston Community College (Houston, TX) Apologizes to the Foundation's Founder and Executive Director for Spike Lee Using the N-word at the College’s 2010 Black History Scholarship Gala
(click to view)

2010: N-word Survey

2010: Houston Chronicle N-word Editorial (click to view)

2007: Coverage of N-word Burial in Texas (CNN, Raw Story, Washington Times and Houston Chronicle)

1991: The Foundation's Executive Director and Founder Petitions Random House Dictionary to Change the N-word Definition (click to view)

1991: The NAACP (National Association for the Advancement for Colored People) Thanks the Foundation's Executive Director and Founder for Bringing Random House Dictionary's Defamatory Definition of the N-word to Their Attention (click to view)