Foundation's Founder & Executive Director
Community Advocate & Trustee | Author/Playwright
Teacher | Motivational Speaker | Consultant

Tammie Campbell took a quantum leap from Alcorn State University in rural Mississippi to a nationally recognized civil rights leader.  Many Texans know her from a variety of perspectives: champion of education, family, civil rights, environmental stewardship and as an author

After reading “Snow White” to her daughter, Campbell wanted to convey a message to her and other young girls about their inner beauty and God-given talent. This inspired her to establish the Honey Brown Hope Foundation and write the Honey Brown series that includes:  Honey Brown In Search of Her Identity, a young African American girl’s dream to become the first female president; Honey Brown Salutes Her Roots, a young girl’s adventurous trip back in time to meet her Ancient Egyptian ancestors; Honey & Sir Just Wanna Hoop (new edition), a college student breaking the gender barrier to play on a co-ed Olympic basketball team; Guess Who’s Going to the White House (new edition), a college student’s plea for the U.S. President to include Black History in the American History Book.  The revised series will soon be released into a collection of short stories called, Is Honey Brown Cleared for the White House?.

To encourage readers to access the source of a healthy image, God and His Son, Jesus Christ, Campbell also wrote The Spirit Within

Believing that liberty is God’s gift to humanity and that everyone should be equally valued, Campbell petitioned Merriam Webster and Random House dictionaries to remove or redefine the n-word in 1991 and got the NAACP involved.  In 2007, she held a symbolic n-word burial that was featured nationally on CNN and in Manhattan City Council News and on all local/state media outlets including the Houston Chronicle’s front page.  To advance this effort, Campbell created an anti-n-word campaign and wrote an editorial in the Houston Chronicle on 10/31/10 called, "N-word Remains far too Pervasive.”Her anti-n-word initiative has gained national support from New York City Councilman Leroy Cormier and Hawaii State Representative John Mizuno.

Campbell constantly works to remind people to live Dr. King’s diversity dream and discourage racial bias as highlighted below:

* Supported President Obama’s 2009 school message by organizing a unity prayer vigil that was featured  locally and internationally on Canada Raw News Story

*Created and annually distribute a diversity and eco-friendly calendar called, “We Love America Healthy, Clean and Green”

* Hosted and sponsored the nationally acclaimed, “Prince Among Slaves” Houston PBS documentary

* Served on Harvard University’s Civil Rights Project and wrote an editorial in the Houston Chronicle called, “The School to Prison Pipeline has to be Disconnected”

* Coordinated and presented former Mayor Lee P. Brown's Diversity Celebration and commissioned a mural in his honor called, "Houston In Harmony Celebrating Diversity,” which is on exhibit at the Lee P. Brown’s Metro Administration Building

* Developed and presented "Operation History: Connecting Ancient Egyptians with their descendants, African Americans," in conjunction with the Museum of Fine Arts’ Splendors of Ancient Egypt Exhibit

* Wrote, produced and directed an educational voter empowerment teleplay called, Sir Brown’s Ruff Ryde-to-Vote  (Partnered with Jack J. Valenti School of Communication at University of Houston, Texas Southern University’s Debate Team, Community Education Partners  and Houston ISD Media Services TV to present this teleplay on Houston’s My-20 and on Houston ISD’s Media Service)

* Partnered with NAACP, Smithsonian Institute and K-Mart to bring the museum exhibit, "Wade in the Water” to Texas

* Organized a statewide unity prayer vigil to condemn a 7-Foot Cross Burning in Katy, Texas

* Denounced a racially charged classroom assignment, “Blond, Beautiful and Intelligent,” that was given to her then 9-year old son (featured in Texas Monthly and Crisis Magazine and on ABC’s World News Today)

Campbell has received numerous awards/honors among them are: featured in the 2005 June/July issue of Sophisticate’s Black Hair Magazine as the “Role Model Beyond Beauty” and again in 2006 as one of the most outstanding role models of 2005.  Noted celebrities featured in this magazine include: Gabrielle Union, Beyonce, Oprah, Halle Berry, Patti Labelle, and Fantasia.  She was the first female president of the NAACP-Missouri City & Vicinity Branch and is the recipient of: the Aetna Insurance/ Magic Touch Award in conjunction with Aetna Insurance, Magic Johnson Enterprises and SMSi Urban Call; Jefferson Award; Kraft Foods/NAACP National Community Service Award in association with the NAACP Image Award; Anti-Defamation League Award; Texas State Civil Rights Advocate Award; Rolling Out Magazine's "Top 25 Women in Houston" Award and Texas State Conference NAACP’s “Torchbearer Award.”

Tammie Campbell, a graduate of Alcorn State University, is married to Dennis Campbell, Sr. and they have two adult children, Shar-day and Dennis Jr.